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Dig That Lick

Analysing large-scale data for melodic patterns in jazz performances

Project News:

3-4/05/2018 Dig That Lick project meeting at IRCAM, Paris, France

Deliverable D1.1: Licks in the Literature of Jazz Research

by Gabriel Solis

Having completed a review of academic jazz literature from the 1970s to the present we have found considerable range of conception and use of the general topic of patterns in improvisation and a number of potentially testable hypotheses that our data set and analytical work might address. This paper offers a synthesis of key issues from that research, including: definitions and terminology to describe patterns; disciplinary frameworks in which the question of pattern is engaged; primary areas of debate; a note on the volume of datasets needed for this research; and testable hypotheses to consider.

7/12/2017 "Inside the Jazzomat. New perspectives for jazz research" by Martin Pfleiderer et al. has been published and is available online. This is the publication resulting from the Jazzomat project which was in many aspects the predecessor of Dig That Lick.

Welcome to the web site of the project: Dig That Lick: Analysing large-scale data for melodic patterns in jazz performances, a collaboration between six different universities across four countries, funded by the Trans-Atlantic Program Digging into Data Challenge (see announcement here).

The project started on 1 Oct 2017 and is funded until 30 Sep 2019.

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